Bolivar Sport Flyers
Home | Members | Events | Location | Links | Contacts Bolivar Sport Flyers are a diverse and friendly group of Pilots that cater to all kinds of flying.

Our group encourages all types of aircraft and heli's.

AMA rules apply at our field and are required to fly with us.

Every year one of our bigger events is the Hosting of the Bolivar Pro Bro. It is 3D flying of mainly Profile Aircraft. It is a very entertaining and fun event.

We also have a Club Trainer Plane that we use to give someone the experience of flying, giving them rush of flying a model aircraft for the first time.
Micro Biography of Jerry Steenblock

Jerry Steenblock

My mother introduced me to cereal box models in 1944. After the war I progressed to a stick and tissue plane. After that U-control took over until 1963. My first R/C was a Sterling 3 channel Command master in a Carl Goldberg model. I joined the Navy in 1958 and flew off the deck of the Hornet Carrier with a u-control P51 Mustang. In 1960 I got a Kraft 7 channel proportional control Radio. Flew it in a variety of planes. I built a lot of planes, most from scratch. In 1979, I went with a Futaba in a Steenblock 1 aircraft. Retirement came early and I started building planes for other club members. My first club was in Waterloo, Ia. Several clubs in the Cedar Rapids area came next. I moved to Missouri for some ungodly reason and have been stuck here until now. I now belong to the Bolivar Sport Flyers in Bolivar, Mo. and expect to commence flying and enjoying the company of most of the members as long as I can.