Bolivar Sport Flyers
Home | Members | Events | Location | Links | Contacts Bolivar Sport Flyers are a diverse and friendly group of Pilots that cater to all kinds of flying.

Our group encourages all types of aircraft and heli's.

AMA rules apply at our field and are required to fly with us.

Every year one of our bigger events is the Hosting of the Bolivar Pro Bro. It is 3D flying of mainly Profile Aircraft. It is a very entertaining and fun event.

We also have a Club Trainer Plane that we use to give someone the experience of flying, giving them rush of flying a model aircraft for the first time.
Micro Biography of Jim House

Jim House

I started flying in Dallas Texas in 1956. My first venture was control line. I was able to build them about as fast as I crashed them. Next was Escapement (almost free flight). From there I progressed to Reed systems for a few years. My first proportional system was a Bonner 8 channel and then the Bonner 4RS. I have built and flown a lot more planes than we could ever afford, but you know how it is when you get the bug. I am still flying at 78 and enjoying it. I usually joined a club, even while I was on the road working as a Mechanical Engineer. I've gotten to know people from all walks of life , and everyone has an interesting story. I like most people, and associating with them. I joined AMA in 1957. I'm still an active member. I semi-retired at 65, but I still work as a Mechanical Engineering Consultant from my home. My goal is to continue enjoying the sport as long as I can. I have enough acreage to have a flying field with a creek large enough to run R/C boats. My goal is to complete a club house and complete the development of a R/C tree trimmer capable of going through a 3' gate and reaching the top of over 50' high trees. We have enough trees to prove the design and development. The fire wood also helps save a lot of kilowatts. I suppose you could consider that as my contribution to going green.